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Spectator Safety




Our Mission:


Our Mission is to host the best Off-Road Race in California! In order to do that, we are asking every individual attending to help out. We want all of our racers and fans to be safe and have a great experience. This will be our first closed course race with spectator viewing areas. Everyone needs to be respectful of the new rules associated with this and make sure to use the designated areas for enjoying the race. If we do not have a SAFE AND FUN race, this event will NEVER take place again in the Imperial Valley. Be safe, Be respectful, and report people not doing the same. This is everyone’s responsibility!


Race Fan Rules


1) Leave your toys at home

2) Don't leave your children unattended

3) Stay off the course – use ONLY spectator areas

4) Don't be a drunk!

5) Use a designated driver

6) Pack out what you pack in

7) Follow all directions from law enforcement

8) Report any illegal activities

9) No glass bottles

10) Know the rules

11) Use common sense

12) Obey all SCORE officials

13) Please report any suspicious activity to a SCORE official

14) Please remember a safe race is the best race. Help ensure Score that the Imperial Valley is ready to host more races



Go to Call for more info  |  Basic laws regarding off road vehicles click here
The Laws / Safety section of the California State Parks click here

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